New bagel: Chicken cheddar avocado bagel & vegetarian bagel 

Wednesday is burger day!

Every day we've a soup of the day and a lunch of the day.


On Sunday, we can propose to you 5 different formulas of brunch. Hope you'll like it!


Coffee Lacrosse is a brother's story! The Cabuy brother's started their first coffee bar, General Jacques, out of passion for coffee. The second, Poelaert, followed quickly.

At Coffee Lacrosse we prioritize a good location for you, our clients! 

Just come and enjoy our large range of latte, coffees, everyday lunch, bagels, salads, pancakes, and a lot of delicious home-made food and drinks! You can take away everything. 

Coffee Lacrosse is a cosy place to meet some friends, for work or just eat something quick.

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